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2009-12-24 11:52:11 by MmmCake

Become a fan of me on Facebook!


2009-11-04 18:11:27 by MmmCake

Thanks for the 2 tracks in the top 30 everyone! Thanks especially for all the reviews and constructive criticism. Be sure to PM me with your email if you really want a high-quality render. There's always something in the oven, so this isn't the last you're gonna hear from me!



2009-08-18 00:58:10 by MmmCake

Sup whoever is reading this. Welcome to my profile. I make music, used to make techno, then went to Dance, now is Drum n Bass. If you like my music, be sure to fav me as an artist and send links of my work to your friends n stuff. So yeah, thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback and constructive criticism. More tracks are always in the oven. Just be sure to fav and rate highly, lol.